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Entorno de Carlini

After few personal experiences I realized that there is an original and initial feeling, what I call “being in the world”. Carlini’s environment is an installation composed by three videos projected on three walls in the same room. These parallel videos sink the observer to the Antarctic atmosphere: fast changing climate conditions, animals fighting, dark and dense water and bangs from detached ice floes.

The observer can feel loneliness, fear, astonishment and insignificance while viewing what is in front of them. At the same time, one can stop thinking, and simply happen and vibrate with what is looking and listening. Like Émile Cioran, a Romanian philosopher, sometimes I simply connect with the mere pass of life, “not think at all, but to stay there and devour silence, this is what should take clairvoyance. No pleasure can be compared to know that you are not thinking” (Cioran, 1979, p.156).


3 videos on wall

Length: 28:00

Quicktime, DVD, color, with stereo sound

Base Carlini, Antártida Argentina

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